Semas India For All Brain Development courses

'SEMAS' the abbreviated popular name of Soroban (Abacus) Education for Mental Arithmetic System is an approved and registered organization dedicated to propagate the concept of Abacus and Mental Mathematic calculation to the children to explore, discover, unleash, accelerate and energize the hidden talent basing on the improved Japanese Abacus System of Education.

Formerly 'SEMAS' was an ISO 9001-2000 certified organization, now it has upgraded to provide the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for its International standard of Abacus and Brain Development education.

'Semas' is an approved member of Pan Pacific Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Chinese Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association, with its affiliation to Miyajima Institute of Soroban Education, Osaka, Japan.

The main object of "Semas' is to explore the talents hidden in younger generation and make them to shine in all their endeavors for their bright future. Its International registered Head Quarters is situated at Chennai (Madras), India. It is offering National Master Franchises all over the World, in addition to appointing Area Franchise, District Franchise and State Master Franchises within the India.
'Semas' has gained wide popularity among the children and parents world over, because of its unique advanced syllabus and play way method of teaching, coaching and training in a children friendly technique and style.

'Semas' periodically conducts International Grading Examinations to the students of Abacus every year. Authorized certificates of Osaka Abacus Association and Chinese Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association approved by the respective Chambers of Commerce of the Countries of Japan, Taiwan and China are issued.

Semas conducts international open competitions annually to the students of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic at various levels. It arranges the winners to participate and compete in the world level competitions organized by Chambers of Commerce of Osaka and Taiwan every year.

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